SERVICES: Beneficial Use of Dredged Materials

Wetlands and marshes are an important and fragile part of the coastal environment. A cause for great national concern, wetland loss depletes coastal fisheries and migratory bird habitats while simultaneously decreasing natural storm protection for low-lying population centers. In many areas along the coast, wetlands are being degraded because of excessive sedimentation, poor flushing, or adverse impacts from surrounding development. Wetland restoration and creation has become a primary vehicle for the beneficial use of dredged material.

GBA has been on the forefront of developing beneficial uses for dredged material through environmental restoration. GBA transforms dredged material from a waste disposal problem into an environmental resource.

In parts of the country such as the Texas coast, Chesapeake Bay, North Carolina, and Northern and Southern California, the restoration of wetland environments is a by-product of dredging projects. By utilizing traditional dredging technology and advanced electronic surveying systems, GBA can recreate the conditions needed for wetland vegetation and associated organisms to thrive.


  • Environmental Assessment & Permit Review
  • Wetland Restoration & Creation
  • Hydraulic & Hydrologic Studies
  • Water Quality Analysis & Monitoring
  • Feasibility Studies & Engineering Design
  • Preparation of Construction Specifications
  • Construction Management & Support Services





  • Poplar Island Wetland Habitat
    Spartina grass growing at Poplar Island