SERVICES: Coastal Engineering

GBA has extensive experience in beach nourishment, wetland creation/restoration, artificial reef construction, shore protection, structural design and land reclamation projects throughout the nation.

A thorough understanding of site-specific hydraulic and coastal processes is essential for developing accurate predictions within the coastal environment. Onsite coastal and oceanographic data acquisition programs are often needed to provide a reliable basis for understanding and documenting the local conditions, developing cost-effective coastal engineering design criteria, and providing databases for the calibration and verification of numerical models. It is critical that this data be acquired and analyzed by the engineers who will ultimately utilize the data for design.

GBA’s personnel, through their broad expertise in the marine industry, bring thoroughly developed skills to the various aspects of coastal engineering. This includes wave modeling, coastal structure design, sediment transport estimates, and numerical modeling.


  • Development of Construction Plans & Specifications
  • Coastal Structure Design
  • Oceanographic Studies
  • Wave Field & Coastal Processes Analysis
  • Hydraulic Modeling
  • Shoreline Protection
  • Beach & Dune Restoration
  • Assistance Securing Funding at Federal State & Local Levels
  • Artificial Island Creation
  • Artificial Reef Creation
  • Sediment Transport
  • Local, State & Federal Permitting
  • Construction Support Services





  • Dredge pumping sand onto beach at Jupiter Island