Geotechnical Services

GBA provides geotechnical services to include the analysis and evaluation of sediments to determine the best dredging and construction methods to ensure compliance with permit requirements. GBA maintains an in-house research vessel equipped with two vibracore systems along with a USACE accredited sediment laboratory for determining material composition and beach compatibility.

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GBA Geotechnical lab is currently USACE accredited for the following test methods:

  • CPE-HAT 9 – Hydrochloric Acid Test for Carbonate Percentage of Soil (Acid leaching)
  • D 4221- Dry Preparation for Particle Size Distribution & Soil Constants
  • D 698 – Compaction Characteristics by Standard Effort
  • D 854 – Specific Gravity of Soils
  • D 1140 – Material Finer than 75 m (No. 200) Sieve
  • D 1557 Compaction Characteristics by Modified Effort
  • D 2216 – Water Content
  • D 2487 – Classification of Soils
  • D 2488 – Description & Identification of Soils (Visual – Manual Procedure)
  • D 2974 – Moisture, Ash & Organic Matter of Peat & Other Organic Soils
  • D 4318 – Liquid & Plastic Limits & Plasticity Index
  • D 4373 – Rapid Determination of Carbonate Content of Soils
  • D 6913 – Particle Size Distribution of Soils Using Sieve Analysis
  • D 7263 – Laboratory Determination of Density (Unit Weight) of Soil Specimens
  • D 7928 – Fine Grain Distribution with Hydrometer

Our Commitment To Geotechnical Investigation Services

From its inception, GBA has operated under the guiding principle of bringing its exceptional brand of specialized and practical experience to every project with uncompromising integrity and professionalism.